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Lighting services

Installation and repair of street lamps, traffic lights, and municipal lighting

A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc. is a versatile experienced company which practices in many sectors. One of these is lighting. For many years, the team has assisted municipalities, real estate developers and shopping mall managers in properly lighting their buildings. We also helped the Ministry of Transport of Quebec with their lighting needs.

Here is what we offer:

Installation and repair of municipal lighting

We’ve assisted many companies with regards to installing and repairing municipal lighting fixtures.

These include:

  • Locating underground cables for street lighting
  • Installation and repair of traffic lights
  • Transportation of electricity poles by trailer
  • Installation and repair of street lights
  • Whether you need to light a park, an athletic field, a street, or a residential area, our team can handle the task in a professional and secure way. Thanks to advanced equipment (notably a gondola that can go as high as 75 feet), our contractor offers precise, efficient results.

Emergency intervention service by electricians

Part of lighting municipal installations means being able to respond quickly when and if there are any problems. We undertsand this and our 24-hour emergency service is designed for fast intervention. Our emergency team is made up of certified electricians capable of finding quick and efficient solutions whatever the challenge we face.

Excavation for electrical work throughout Montreal and its surrounding areas

In some cases, the installation of underground electrical cables requires excavating. A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc. has the necessary training and equipment to carry out these tasks. Whatever the scope of the project, the team of electricians can guarantee a professional and efficient operation.  With many such projects under its belt, the company is able to offer you a wide choice of solutions, depending on your particular situation.

If you need to entrust or repair your municipal lighting installation, contact us at this number (514) 626-3881.