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Maintenance and installation of residential electrical systems

For nearly 50 years, A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc. has offered a full range of services in order to satisfy our customers. Our team offers a flexible and safe approach aimed at meeting our clients’ needs in residential electrical systems for the West Island area.

Detailed information on A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc.’s residential electrical services can be found below.

Catering to all your electrical needs

In business since 1965, A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc. has gained advanced knowledge in residential electrical fitting-out. Our team offers knowledgeable advice and services for the installation of your electric and lighting fixtures. Focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, our team offers a large variety of services such as changing electrical outputs, installation of under-floor heating, electrical excavation and repair, and much more.

Whatever your electrical needs, we offer a customized turnkey service.

Installation of pool and spa equipment

Purchasing a pool or a spa is exciting but you also need to install it. A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc. has proven expertise in this area and everything is included in the process: from installation to lighting. If you’re located in the Montreal region, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We can help you fully enjoy your new acquisitions in the safest way possible.

Installation and replacement of electrical systems

Over time, electrical systems require updates such as replacing the electrical panel, upgrading the electrical system or installing the generator. A.J. Théorêt Entrepreneur Électricien Inc. has offered efficient, guaranteed turnkey service, provided by qualified staff, for the installation and the replacement of electrical systems for many years now and we’re able to provide honest evaluations and recommendations when it’s time to revamp your system.

Please note that we sell and install KHOLER brand generators, products we consider among the best on the market.

If you need the services of an experienced company specialized in the installation and the maintenance of electrical systems, contact our team at this number (514) 626-3881.